Chess Puzzle of the Week (204): Solution

Here’s the astonishing solution to Monday’s puzzle. This was the conclusion of an endgame study by Yuri Dorogov (Targoviste 1982), taken from the new book Master Your Chess with Judit Polgar (Judit Polgar & Andras Toth Chessable 2022). Click on the first move to play through the solution on a pop-up board.

Did you manage to solve it? If so, many congratulations!

As Judit writes elsewhere in the book (which I’ll be reviewing elsewhere shortly): One of the most unique and at the same time important aspects of my early chess education was the large number of endgame studies I solved from a very young age. She goes on to say: What most people understand is the fact that in many cases, solving endgame studies actually improves tactical vision and calculating ability more than endgame technique.

If you want to be a tactical genius like Judit Polgar you know what to do: solve endgame studies!

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