Results Roundup 2223/20 2 March 2023

Three matches to report this week.

Our TVC team had an important promotion battle against a strong team from Staines at the Adelaide.

This was a close fought match which currently stands level with one game adjourned.

  1. Andrii Boiechko (-) 0:1 Jack Sheard (1853)
  2. Jack Thompson (-) ½:½ Derek McGovern (1805)
  3. Adrian Waldock (1705) ½:½ Ye Kyaw (1673)
  4. Viorel Scobioala (-) adj Paul Seymour (1663)
  5. Christos Venetis (-) 1:0 David Bean (-)
  6. Peter Kasprowicz (-) ½:½ Siddarth Ramaraju (1519)

Viorel is a pawn up in a queen ending and trying to win, although his opponent seems to have definite drawing chances. I don’t know about you but I’ve always found queen endings really scary: there are so many chances for perpetual checks and even, if you’re not careful, snap mates.

Congratulations to Christos and thanks to all for playing.

Our TVE team in Division X produced an outstanding result against Hounslow C.

  1. Alex Shard (1756) ½:½ David White (1782)
  2. Barry Sutton (1620) 1:0 Eugene Gregorio (1738)
  3. George Dokic (1376) 1:0 Tim Cutter (-)
  4. Ken Broadley (1038) 1:0 Andrew Cleminson (1287)

Excellent wins there from Barry (against a dangerous opponent), George and Ken (despite being outgraded by more than 250 points), and a solid draw for Alex against the very experienced David White.

On Wednesday our Fred Manning Trophy team in the Surrey League went down to a narrow defeat against Chessington A.

Submitted by Chessington A

  1. Alex Raistrick (-) 0:1 David Heaton (1542)
  2. Harvey Li (1448) ½:½ George Milligan (1539)
  3. Jonathan Holbrook (-) 1:0 Ollie Taylor (-)
  4. Meena Santhosh (1053) 1:0 Julian Bedale (1117)

Congratulations to David for a fine win on top board.

Thanks to everyone who played in these matches and especially to the captains for selecting the teams and supervising the matches.