Results Roundup 2223/27 22 April 2023

Three results to report this week: two Surrey draws and a defeat for our TVE team.

Already having won the league, our Surrey Centenary Trophy team’s last match was against Kingston C, who, using their team to provide experience for younger members, had lost every match up to that point.

Here’s what happened.

  1. David Shalom (1652) 0:1 Peter Lalic (2314)
  2. Adam Nakar (1674) 0:1 Simon Illsley (1786)
  3. Colin Lyle (-) 0:1 Christos Venetis (1693)
  4. Max Mikardo-Greaves (-) 1:0 Viorel Scobioala (-)
  5. Josh Lea (-) 1:0 Ron Bilkhu (1404)
  6. Jaden Mistry (-) 1:0 Peter Kasprovicz (-)

An exceptional performance by the Kingston lower boards there – congratulations to them, and to our top three boards for enabling us to draw the match.

You can read the Kingston report here.

The following evening there was another Richmond – Kingston match, this time in Division X (the social division) of the Thames Valley League.

  1. Barry Sutton (1620) 0:1 Adam Nakar (1677)
  2. Dan Donohoe (1489) 0:1 Colin Lyle (-)
  3. George Dokic (1376) 0:1 Hayden Holden (1375)
  4. Ken Broadley (1038) 0:1 Stephen Daines (1277)

Congratulations again to Kingston on an overwhelming win. Here‘s their report.

Finally, on Thursday, we faced a slow journey to South Norwood, requiring a draw for second place behind Wimbledon in the Ellery Williams Trophy.

We just managed it: here’s what happened.

  1. Roy Reddin (1888s) 0:1 Maks Gajowniczek (1800s)
  2. John Ganev (1547) 1:0 George Milligan (1539s)
  3. Barry Miles (1499) 1:0 Mike Robinson-Chui (1442s)
  4. Les Denford (1270) 0:1 Peter Kasprovicz (1346)

Well done to Maks and Peter, and thanks to all who made the long journey.

Thanks also to the players in our other matches this week, and to our captains for putting all the work in.