Chess Puzzle of the Week (255): Solution

After an unusual and eventful ending, in which we both missed wins, Roger and I reached this position in an online game, with White (me) to play.

I’m sure you spotted that I could have won the game here, and, if I’d cleared my head and stopped to think, I might have found it myself.

The solution is 50. g5+! Ke7 51. f6+! Kxe6 52. Bb3+! Kd7 53. g6! and wins, for example 53… Ng4 54. f7! Ke7 55. g7!.

Instead I panicked, as I always do, and played 50. Bd1?? Nxd1 51. Kxd1 b3! (other moves all lose) when Black was clearly winning. However, Roger later allowed me to get stalemate and an undeserved draw.

Perhaps I’ll show you the complete game another time. I played another extraordinary game, this time against Jack, in this week’s lichess arena. Maybe I’ll have some questions from that game for you at some point.

If you’ve played any interesting games which might provide suitable puzzles, do let me know.