2023-24 Results Bulletin (3)

All our three matches this week found us up against higher rated opponents. Our TVC team welcomed Wimbledon C, potentially one of the strongest Division 3 team this season, and were unlucky to go down to a narrow defeat when, in a time scramble, Jack forgot to press his clock in a sharp but winning position against his Welsh Senior International opponent.

Meanwhile, at the Twickenham Club, our D team were heavily outrated by a strong Surbiton C team, again suffering a narrow defeat. Excellent results for Barry and Dan against much higher rated opposition, as well as a good win for Alex.

Our London League team were quickly in action again for their second match of the season against newly promoted East Ham. We were surprised to find that we were outrated: our opponents had recruited three strong young North London players to strengthen their team,

We still managed to win, thanks to three upset wins, from Andreas and Caspar against the talented young Badacsonyi brothers, and from Sampson, whose season has got off to a great start. With a win from Gavin and draws contributed by Iain and Ashley, that added up to 5 points.

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As always, thanks to our match captains for running the teams, and to everyone who played.