Chess Heroes: Games Book 1

The final Chess Heroes book (at least for the time being) is now available on Amazon. This book, like the Puzzles book, is aimed at players roughly in the 1000-1500 range.

This book comprises 40 lessons in which you have to guess – or rather work out – the best move, usually for the winning side. The book is arranged by opening, featuring, amongst others, the Ruy Lopez, the Giuoco Piano, the Sicilian Defence, the French Defence, the Queen’s Gambit, the Nimzo-Indian Defence and the King’s Indian Defence.

As well as learning something about some major openings, you’ll also learn a lot about both strategy and tactics. The games are all short, tactical encounters, so in some of the games you’ll have to find some brilliant sacrifices to win. In a few of the games you’ll have to defend accurately and beat off your opponent’s attack.

If you teach chess at this level, you’ll also find this book provides useful training material for your students.

Purchases and 5* reviews of this and the other Chess Heroes books are always welcome.