The Chess Heroes Project: Books

I have a new website,, which you might like to look at.

There are two strands to the Chess Heroes Project.

The one which will be of most interest to you will be the Chess Heroes books, which you might have seen at the club.

This is a series of books aimed at anyone up to about 1500 rating. If you fall into that category please take a look and, if they appeal, you might want to support me by buying them and writing 5* reviews on Amazon.

  • I’ve been teaching chess successfully for more than 50 years
  • These books offer a unique method for intermediate players to improve their chess
  • There are many books on the market for beginners, and many more for 1500+ rated players, but very little which will take you from one to the other
  • The books emphasise active rather than passive learning, with many puzzles to solve and positions to play out
  • The books are based on sequential teaching: learn and master simple skills before moving on to more complex skills
  • The books are designed to develop your chess thinking skills as well as your chess knowledge
  • Many of the examples and puzzles are taken from my database of almost 17000 games played at Richmond Junior Club over 30 years
  • The books are also ideal for all chess teachers
  • They are available either as paperbacks or as free pdf downloads

You can find out more about the books, along with links to buy them on Amazon, here. There’s also information about some of my other books.

If you can’t afford to buy them, or you want to print off the lessons for your students, or the quizzes for repeated use, you can download the pdfs, along with other coaching materials and chess stationery, here.

I’ve put a lot of time, thought and effort into these books: do please take a look.

Richard James