Our President, Richard James, has been teaching chess to children since 1972. He is the author of a number of books, including Chess for Kids, an Amazon best-seller since its publication in 2010, and The Right Way to Teach Chess to Kids, an authoritative guide for parents.

Richard has an international reputation for his experience and knowledge of how children learn and play chess.

Please visit Richard’s websites:

www.minichess.uk: promoting chess for young children using subsets of chess.

www.chessheroes.uk: coaching materials for players of all ages wanting to play serious competitive chess: designed for all players up to about 1500 rating.

www.chesskids.org.uk: an interactive online course for children (no longer supported).

If you’re interested in private individual or small group tuition, or if you require further information about any aspect of junior chess please contact Richard.

We also work closely with Richmond Junior Club which meets on Saturday afternoon providing a professional service for ambitious younger players.