Since its foundation in 1958 as a merger between Richmond and Twickenham Chess Clubs, Richmond & Twickenham Chess Club has been recognised as one of the leading chess clubs in London.

Our new venue, in an attractive and friendly pub, will enable us to offer social chess in pleasant surroundings as well as competitive chess for more serious players. Take a look at the Google reviews.

We’re specifically looking for stronger players (grade 150+/1800+) who would be interested in playing for our first teams in the Thames Valley and London Leagues. This season (2019-20) we’ll be entering a team in a lower division of the Surrey League to provide more match experience for our newer members.

We’re also looking for players of all levels who would like to play representative chess for Richmond, or who would like to improve their chess. Perhaps you’d like to learn more about chess so that you can help your children at home. Perhaps you’ve just retired and are looking to come back to chess after a few decades away from the board.

Whatever your reason for wanting to play the world’s greatest game you’ll find a welcome at Richmond & Twickenham Chess Club.

Please note that all members who represent Richmond & Twickenham Chess Club in league matches are expected to be members of the English Chess Federation at Bronze Level or higher.

Click here to check your current membership status and see a list of gradings of RTCC players.

A quick note on ECF membership:
Bronze membership entitles you to play in league matches such as those in the London and Thames Valley Leagues.

If you want to play in tournaments graded by the ECF you’ll need Silver Membership.

If you want to play in tournaments which are internationally rated, and your national federation is England you’ll have to become a Gold Member.

You’ll find details of current rates here.

When you’ve decided which membership category is the one for you, go here to sign up.