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18 Oct 2021 New blog posts: Puzzle 152 solution and Puzzle 153.

15 Oct 2021 My latest article on Twickenham Chess History introduces you to the 1882 President and Secretary, Henry Francis Limpus and Edward Griffith Brewer.

15 Oct 2021 New blog post: Further Thoughts about Chess Clubs.

15 Oct 2021 New blog post: report on Hounslow A v Richmond B. More reports to follow shortly.

12 Oct 2021 Richmond C and Richmond D draw 3-3 after some C team blunders in time trouble.

11 Oct 2021 Richmond B lead Hounslow A 3-1 with two adjournments.

11 Oct 2021 New blog posts: Puzzle 151 solution and Puzzle 152.

7 Oct 2021 Richmond C win a close match against Richmond D 3½-2½: report to follow shortly.

7 Oct 2021 Our friends at Battersea Chess Club are running a FIDE rated blitz tournament on 19 October. Details here.

7 Oct 2021 New blog post: The Economics of Chess Clubs – this is already generating a lot of interest. Do read and let us know your views.

4 Oct 2021 The first of a series of articles featuring members of Twickenham Chess Club between 1880 and 1906 tells the story of George Edward Norwood Ryan.

4 Oct 2021 Richard’s latest book review: The Secret Ingredient by Jan Markos and David Navara.

4 Oct 2021 New blog posts: Puzzle 150 solution and Puzzle 151

28 Sep 2021 Congratulations to Chessington on starting a new junior chess club: Mondays 6:45-8:00 The The King’s Centre, Coppard Gardens, Chessington KT9 2GZ. We’d like to start an evening junior club in our area once we can find a suitable venue and it’s safe to do so.

27 Sep 2021 Richmond E beat Hammersmith B 3-1: report to follow shortly.

27 Sep 2021 New blog posts: Puzzle 149 solution and Puzzle 150.