Chess Puzzle of the Week (198): Solution

This was the puzzle I set on Monday, which came from the game Eames – Donaldson, from the recent British Championships. With White to move, I asked you how you would continue. What did you manage to discover about this position?

Concerned about the threat of Qd1+, Richmond Junior Club coach Bob Eames, a dangerous tactician, traded queens into a level ending.

He’d missed what I hope you found: 32. Qa8+ Kc7 33. Qc8+! (perhaps not that easy to spot) 33… Rxc8 34. bxc8Q+ Kxc8 35. Nb6+, regaining the queen and leaving him the exchange ahead with a comfortable endgame victory in sight.

The good news for Bob was that his opponent later went wrong in the rook ending (see move 45 below), so he was still able to win the game.

Stand by for another puzzle on Monday. In future I’ll be publishing puzzles (usually) on Mondays and solutions (usually) on Fridays.

Here’s the complete game, with commentary by Stockfish. Click on any move for a pop-up window.