Richmond A v Wimbledon A 20-02-20

Wimbledon A were not at full strength for our return encounter at the Roebuck, following our away draw earlier in the season.

Mike Healey reports:

A win!! And not by default!! Hurrah!

Well done to everyone who played. There were several notable games:

Gavin played an interesting competitive game on board one, as did Adrian on 7. I won on time, after my opponent went a bit wrong. Richard went for glory (!?) from a lovely position and is adjourned in what must be a draw.

Julien’s game was notable for one of the worst fingerfehlers in history – magnificent in its own way, and horribly spectacular to watch.

The stars were Raghu and Ian. Ian played a wonderful game and finished with a sacrificial flourish against a strong young opponent. Raghu played a very tense game with the mercurial Paul Barasi (I don’t think a piece had left the board 90 minutes in?), and under time pressure not only kept notating (causing his captain some grief) but found the crushing 30. Nxe6! to make time control.

Richmond A Wimbledon A
1 Gavin Wall 217 1:0 Nick Keene 183
2 Mike Healey 213 1:0 Ian Heppell 177
3 Julien Shepley 174 0:1 Neil Cannon 177
4 Richard James 167 Adj Adithya Pamod Paleri 176
5 Ian McLeod 160 1:0 Shivam Agrawal 167
6 Raghu Kamath 156 1:0 Paul Barasi 159
7 Adrian Waldock 146 ½:½ Angel Silva Pena 155
8 Walk Over 1:0 Default

An excellent result and a much needed point. Well played everyone, especially Ian and Raghu. Yes, my position is 0.00 according to Stockfish 11, looking 58 moves ahead. I’ve emailed a draw offer and am awaiting a reply. I’ll update the page accordingly in due course.

Game Changer Talk & Simul: Wed 15 April

A date for your diary:

We’re planning a special event on the evening of, provisionally, Wednesday 15 April. Venue yet to be arranged.

GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan will give a talk about their book Game Changer, followed by a simultaneous display.

You really won’t want to miss this! Open to all members and friends of Richmond & Twickenham Chess Club and Richmond Junior Chess Club.

Do make sure you keep this date free. More details to follow shortly.

Chess Puzzle of the Week (71)

This week I’m celebrating the life of David Bronstein, that most creative and imaginative of grandmasters, who was born 96 years ago yesterday: 19 February 1924.

Bronstein was one of a group of Soviet players, who, in the years immediately following the Second World War, transformed the King’s Indian Defence from something rather passive in which Black was quite likely to get squashed into a dynamic fighting defence. This week’s puzzle is taken from one of his early KID games.


Take a look at this position, from Zita-Bronstein, played in a match between Prague and Moscow in 1946.

Black to play: how did our hero gain a decisive advantage?

Chess Puzzle of the Week (70): Solution


Last week I asked you What Happened Next in this position, with White to move.

As several of you guessed, White played 1. Qa7 (Qb6 would have led to the same thing), expecting a quick checkmate.

He was quite correct: it led to a quick checkmate – for Black: 1… Rd1+ 2. Kf2 Rf1+ 3. Kg3 h4+ 4. Kh3 Rf3+! 5. gxf3 Bf1#

This is taken from David Smerdon’s new book The Complete Chess Swindler (no connection to The Complete Chess Addict).

The book sounds great: can’t wait to buy a copy (unless I get sent a review copy first)!

Congratulations to everyone who found the correct answer, whether on Facebook or elsewhere.

Ealing C v Richmond D 17-02-20

More excellent news from Richmond D, who scored a narrow victory when visiting Ealing.


Ealing C Richmond D
1 Alex Lushpa 109 1:0 Richard Sleep 152
2 Jerry Scott 94 0:1 Alex Shard 140
3 David Housego 84 ½:½ Dan Donohoe 110
4 Neville Rowden 80 0:1 Laurie Catling 91
5 Leo Shtutin 65 0:1 George Dokic 85
6 Michael Smith 74 1:0 Ken Broadley 51

Congratulations to Alex, Laurie and George for winning their games. At least I assume it was Alex: Ealing entered our B2 as Alex’s son Henry, who is playing for Surbiton this season. I presume Laurie will correct this when he confirms the result.

Mushrooms 1 v Richmond 12-02-20

Mushrooms are one of the weaker teams in Division 1 of the London League, and, although we were slightly below full strength, we scored a fairly comfortable victory.

Mushrooms 1 Richmond
1 Tim Seymour 199 ½:½ Gavin Wall 217
2 Peter Sullivan 189 0:1 Mike Healey 213
3 Rory O’Kelly 174 ½:½ Caspar Bates 192
4 Bill Linton 177 ½:½ Martin Benjamin 185
5 Finlo Rohrer 173 0:1 Chris White 175
6 Luis Sanchez 171 0:1 John Burke 159
7 Jonathan Rubeck 166 0:1 Anthony Bourached –
8 Nick Faulks 168 ½:½ Mike Smart 164
9 Tim Joslin 156 ½:½ Chris Baker 165
10 Graham Alcocck 140 ½:½ Richard Thursby 151

It’s always good to remain unbeaten: four wins and six draws is an excellent performance all round. Congratulations to everyone and a warm welcome to Anthony, playing his first game for Richmond.