Richmond D v Harrow 01-10-19

Richmond D (last year’s Richmond C, but as Richmond D gained promotion the teams have swapped names) opened their campaign back on 1 October at home to a higher graded team from Harrow. (This was, in effect, last season’s Harrow B, but as Harrow A withdrew from the league it’s now the only Harrow team. I do hope you’re paying attention and keeping up with all this.)

Richmond D Harrow
1 Alex Shard 142 ½:½ Mary Deans 129
2 Omar Anbargi 108 0:1 David Wray 121
3 Richard Sleep – 1:0 Alan Marshall 120
4 Laurie Catling 90 ½:½ David Stott 116
5 George Dokic 87 ½:½ Phil Humphry 108
6 Jim Anandajeyarajah 81 0:1 Jennifer Goldsmith 97

An excellent performance, but not quite enough for a result. Richard’s comeback continued with another win, while there were creditable draws for Laurie and George against stronger opposition, along with another half point from Alex.


Richmond B v Hounslow A 10-10-09

Our B tean’s first match of the season was at home to local rivals Hounslow A, who outgraded us on all boards.

Here’s what happened.

Richmond B Hounslow A
1 Bertie Barlow 167 ½:½ Mateusz Dydak 176
2 Ian McLeod 161 0:1 Seshagiri Vaddadi 177
3 Andrew Hebron 161 1:0 Leon Fincham 167
4 Eamon Rashid-Farokhi 144 0:1 David White 148
5 Maks Gajowniczek 139 Adj Frank Zurstiege 141
6 Masoud Molazadeh 126 0:1 Eugene Gregorio 142
7 Rob Hunter – 0:1 JJ Padam 139

Welcome to Andrew, playing his first game for us (although I suspect he may have played against us a few times in the past), and congratulations on a fine win against a tough opponent. Well done also to Bertie for a customary solid draw.

I’ll update you when news of the adjournment on Board 4 comes through.

Chess Puzzle of the Week (52)

First of all, apologies for the long gap since the last Puzzle of the Week.


Last time, you may remember, I left you with this Mate in 6 composed by Pal Benko.

The main line looks like this: 1. d4 Kh8 2. d5 Kg7 3. d6 Kh8 4. d7 Kg7 5. d8B Kh8 (or 5… Kf8 6. h8Q#) 6. Bf6#


This time, a position from a game played on Monday. This was the top board encounter in Round 7 of the World U18 Girls Championship, part of the World Youth Championships currently taking place in India.

White was the top seed, Polina Shuvalova: her fellow Russian Anna Afonasieva had the black pieces.


It’s White’s move. All you have to do is tell me how the game finished.

Hammersmith A v Richmond A 08-10-19

Our A team’s first match of the season was away to last season’s champions Hammersmith, who will be favourites to repeat their success this season. We were helped by their change of home night from Monday to Tuesday, but were still outgraded.

Our new captain Mike Healey reports:

A decent effort tonight in what may well end up being the toughest match of the season (we can hope!), away to the pre-season favourites. Onward and upward!

1 saw a nice win for Gavin, a win by Bertie so far beyond my pay grade if someone had said two 2700s were playing I wouldn’t have been surprised.

Chris W on 4 chopped a position so dull sadly even he couldn’t excite it, with Martin on 3 doing the opposite, drawing an up-and-down tussle against a determined opponent.

The rest were various tales of woe…Apologies for the loud sighing from my board in particular.

Well done to all those who turned out tonight (and for being on time! Very impressed!).

Hammersmith A Richmond A
1 Ryszard Maciol 209 0:1 Gavin Wall 224
2 Thomas Bonn 201 1:0 Mike Healey 217
3 Tony Niccoli 196  ½:½ Martin Benjamin 181
4 Jim Stevenson 194  ½:½ Chris White 180
5 Bajrush Kelmendi 188 1:0 John Bass 176
6 Carsten Pedersen 192 1:0 John Burke 175
7 Sylvain Eche 183 1:0 Chris Baker 168
8 Christof Brixel 165 0:1 Bertie Barlow 167

I’ll just add my thanks to Mike for captaining the team, and congratulate him on getting the B-squad (Messrs Benjamin, Bass, Burke and Baker) out – something I was never able to do!

Epsom 1 v Richmond (Surrey League) 30-09-19

We’re off and running with the first match of the new season.

We have an experimental team in the Centenary Trophy (Division 4 of the Surrey League) designed mainly to provide competitive chess for some of our newer members and get them on the grading list.

Huw Williams reports:

“We have played our first match tonight against strong opposition. Nearly all of us were out gunned by 30 or more points. However we only lost 4 -2. A good win by Colin and halves for Masoud and Huw. Well played Andreas and Paul on your first competitive matches and another thumbs up to Julian.”

Epsom 1 Richmond
1 Robert Hamilton 175 ½:½ Masoud Molazadeh 126
2 Marcus Gosling 164 1:0 Andreas Maroulis –
3 Graham Alcock 148 1:0 Paul Evans –
4 Michael Wickham 135 0:1 Colin Dailley 106
5 Ravi Sharma 134 ½:½ Huw Williams 97
6 Brian Skinner 126 1:0 Julian Bedale 62


I’d like to add my congratulations to Colin, Masoud and Huw on their outstanding results, and to Andreas and Paul on their first competitive games against strong opposition.

A Personal Note

Apologies for not having posted for a couple of weeks. I’ve been in hospital with a severe bout of pneumonia. I’m now at home but still feeling pretty weak so can’t do very much.

I hope to get back to posting weekly puzzles shortly, and am planning a new feature on the history of chess clubs in the Richmond/Twickenham area.

The fixtures for the new season are now available on the Calendar page, and the dates for Social Chess between now and the end of the year on the Social Chess page.

Meanwhile, I have a match result to report.

Chess Puzzle of the Week (51)


Last week I asked you how Pal Benko scored a win from this position.

The answer: he played 1. Rxd3 cxd3 2. Ne6+. Congratulations to Nick Grey (Kingston) who posted the correct answer on Facebook.




Continuing our tribute to the late Pal Benko, this was published in Die Schwalbe (a German chess problem magazine) in 1973. White has to force mate in 6 moves. You might think solving a mate in 6 is too difficult for you, but this one really shouldn’t be. Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert solver give it a go.