Chess Puzzle of the Week (24)


Last week I left you with this king and pawn endgame.

The solution:

1. Kd6 Ka3 (1… b5 2. Kc5 Kb3 3. Kxb5 Kc3 4. Kc5 Kd3 5. Kd5) 2. Kc5 Ka4 3. f4 b5 4. f5 (4. Kd4 b4 5. f5 b3 6. Kc3 amounts to the same thing) 4… b4 5. Kc4 b3 6. Kc3 Ka3 7. f6 b2 8. f7 b1=Q 9. f8=Q+ and wins either the king or the queen.



This position is from a game in which the President of Richmond Chess Club defeated one of the all-time greats. Can you find White’s winning move here? In fact there’s a choice here: you might want to look for the two best moves. If I’m feeling generous come next weekend, I’ll give you full credit for either solution.