Chess Puzzle of the Week (144)

Bob and Carol were delighted to be back playing chess at the Roebuck for the first time since March last year.

Ted and Alice arrived to see this position on the board.

“What happened to the pieces since we were last here?”, asked Ted. “You seem to have a few missing. I’ll order the drinks in the bar while Alice helps you look for the other pieces. What are you having? A pint of Tribute for you, Bob, and a gin and tonic for Carol?”

“No need to look, Alice”, said Carol. “They’re here in the box. We’ve already captured them.” “It’s my move, isn’t it?”, added Bob. “I think we’ve played four moves each.”

Your question is this.

This is the position after Black’s 4th move. Can you reconstruct the game?

Do come along on Thursday, to join Bob, Carol, Ted, Alice and the rest of the gang for pawns and pints at The Roebuck, Hampton Hill.

We hope to see you then.