Richmond B v Surbiton B 22-11-18

Our TVL B team had another tough match at home to Surbiton B at the Roebuck.

This was a hard fought encounter, with the teams attempting to emulate Carlsen and Caruana by drawing all their games. Surbiton veteran Stef Bruzzi (who represented Italy in the Clare Benedict Cup way back in 1960) hadn’t read the script, though, and his win saw Surbiton B record a narrow victory.

Congratulations to everyone on a close encounter, and especially to Raghu and Max for sharing the point with strong opponents.

Richmond B Surbiton B
1 Raghu Kamath 168 ½:½ Ian Henderson 183
2 Max Wood-Robinson – ½:½ Angus James 179
3 Ian McLeod 154 0:1 Stefano Bruzzi 155
4 Sampson Low 157 ½:½ Malcolm Groom 158
5 Adrian Waldock 141 ½:½ Paul Durrant 152
6 Henk Van Oosten – ½:½ Mark Hogarth 150
7 Masoud Molazadeh 137 ½:½ Robert Faint 132