Surrey County Chess Association AGM: Mike Robinson-Chui receiving the Centenary Trophy.

SCCU Team Rapidplay Prizegiving:

From left to right: Mike Healey, Gavin Wall, Maks Gajowniczek, Andrew Hebron, Roger Scowen. Photo by Brendan O’Gorman, used with pemission.

Richmond A v Kingston A (8 November 2022):

Board 1: David Maycock (Kingston) v Gavin Wall (Richmond)

Board 2: Mike Healey (Richmond) v Peter Lalic (Kingston)

Board 3: Silverio Abasolo (Kingston) v Andrew Hebron (Richmond)

Board 4: Chris Baker (Richmond) v Vladimir Li (Kingston)

Board 5: David Rowson (Kingston) v Maxim Dunn (Richmond)

Board 6: Maks Gajowniczek (Richmond) v Peter Andrews (Kingston)

Richmond A v Richmond B (4 October 2022):

From left: Andrew v Gavin, Andrii v Bertie, Victor v Ian
From left: Maks v Christos, Raghu v Pablo, Mike v Jon.

Some photographs of Gavin Wall’s simultaneous display (7 June 2022):

Boards set up and ready for action. Nice window box in our attractive venue!
Gavin introducing himself to his opponents and explaining the rules of the display.
Simon and Andrew deep in thought, with Park Road seen through the window
Gavin considering his move, unaware that Maks, sitting back at the next board, is about to trap his queen!
Paul, on the left, reconstructs his game while Mike is one of the last to finish.
The display reaches its conclusion: while the other boards are being reset, Andrew, the last to finish, is still in play.

Some photographs from the Adelaide (5 April 2022):

Our venue: The Adelaide, Park Road, Teddington. Lovely pub, friendly bar staff and excellent beer!

The function room set up ready for our match against Hammersmith.
Our top board, IM Gavin Wall, watching the other games. Nearest the camera, our player of the season Maks Gajowniczek is playing White.
As the match reaches its climax, our board 2 Mike Healey seems amused by Raghu Kamath’s game against Scottish Senior International Jim Stevenson.
Social games in progress at the other end of the room in a family-friendly environment: players of all ages are welcome!


Our late President, Abraham Neviazsky, portrayed by RTCC member Nette Robinson.


Richmond International Master Gavin Wall giving a simultaneous display at Richmond & Twickenham Chess Club 20 October 2016.


Play in progress at the 2016 Neviazsky Memorial Blitz Tournament.


Mike Healey, winner of the 2017 Neviazsky Memorial Trophy.


The chess part of Nette Robinson’s chess & jazz gig: May 2016, with RJCC Chief Coach David Okike facing the camera.


Nette Robinson (vocals) and Grandmaster Daniel King (bass) at Nette’s chess & jazz gig: May 2016.


GM Matthew Sadler and WIM Natasha Regan discussing their excellent book Chess for Life: May 2016.


After the talk, Matthew Sadler took on all-comers. Here he’s facing Chris Kreuzer and Nette Robinson.