Richmond D v Harrow B 14-03-19

Another disappointing result for Richmond D in their bid for the Division 4 title. While our top two boards won, Adam using the Morra Gambit to triumph in only ten moves against a usually solid opponent, the other four boards all lost by blundering pieces.

At this level chess is mostly about taking care and not making unnecessary mistakes. Put your pieces on sensible squares, calculate everything that moves and don’t do anything stupid.

Thanks to all who played and congratulations to Eamon and Adam.

Richmond D Harrow B
1 Eamon Rashid-Farokhi 143 1:0 David Stott 123
2 Adam Naglik – 1:0 Alan Marshall 120
3 Colin Dailley 103 0:1 David Wray 116
4 Rob Hunter – 0:1 Phil Humphry 101
5 Max Brindley – 0:1 Jennifer Goldsmith 96
6 Huw Williams 103 0:1 David Walker 87

This is a very tight division with little to choose between any of the teams and only Richmond C slightly detached.

Current scores:
Richmond D 5½/9
Wimbledon D 5½/8
Harrow B 4½/10
Surbiton C 4/8 + one undecided match
Ealing C 4/7 + one undecided match
Richmond C 2½/10

The unfinished match between Surbiton C and Ealing C stands at 2½:2½ with one game adjourned.

Our last match of the season, at home to Surbiton C on 4 April, will be crucial.