Chess Puzzle of the Week (52)

First of all, apologies for the long gap since the last Puzzle of the Week.


Last time, you may remember, I left you with this Mate in 6 composed by Pal Benko.

The main line looks like this: 1. d4 Kh8 2. d5 Kg7 3. d6 Kh8 4. d7 Kg7 5. d8B Kh8 (or 5… Kf8 6. h8Q#) 6. Bf6#


This time, a position from a game played on Monday. This was the top board encounter in Round 7 of the World U18 Girls Championship, part of the World Youth Championships currently taking place in India.

White was the top seed, Polina Shuvalova: her fellow Russian Anna Afonasieva had the black pieces.


It’s White’s move. All you have to do is tell me how the game finished.

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