Chess Puzzle of the Week (63)


Last week I left you with two related mate in 3 problems.

The Speckmann solves by 1. Rh6 (threatening Rg6 & Rg1#) 1… Nd6 2. Rxd6 Kxh2 3. Rh6#




In the Lipton problem Rh6 now fails to Ne7 so White has to use a different mating idea: 1. Rd3 (threatening h4 and the switchback Rh3#). Again 1… Nd6 is met by 2. Rxd6 Kxh2 3. Rh6#

I’ll leave it to you to work out why other moves fail in both problems.


Today is Boxing Day so I expect most of you are at the gym practising your pugilistic skills. You may not be aware that mild-mannered Dutchman Max Euwe, the first (and last) amateur to hold the title of World Champion, achieved success as a heavyweight boxer in his youth.


This position comes from the first game of a 1924 match between Max Euwe and Jacques Davidson. Black has to decide which way to recapture on c5. Which (if either) recapture would you choose, and why?