Chess Puzzle of the Week (98): Solution

This is from a game between Max Illingworth and Junta Ikeda (Sydney 2012), taken from David Smerdon’s new book The Complete Chess Swindler, which has just been voted ECF Book of the Year. (This would have been my second choice behind Willy Hendriks’ On the Origin of Good Moves, which wasn’t short-listed: one of the ECF judges didn’t share my opinion.)

White lost quickly after 56. e7?? Qd7+ 57. Kf6 Qd6+ 58. Kf5 Nh4#.

Instead he could have won with 56. Kg6!! Qh7+ 57. Kh5, or 56… Nh4+ 57. Kxh6, and, in both cases, his king is totally safe.

Buy the book – and the Hendriks book as well!