Mike Healey talk 13-12-21

A message from Stephen Moss of Kingston Chess Club:

Mike Healey – a name more than a little familiar to you! – will be giving a talk on Monday 13 December at the Willoughby Arms on the Sokolsky Opening, aka the Orangutan (1. b4) and showing some lovely wins he has had with it against very strong players. Very happy for members of your club to attend if they wish, though please ask them to let me know by email if they intend to come as for obvious reasons we don’t want numbers to get out of hand. The talk will start (upstairs at the Willoughby) at around 8pm, but there’ll be chess chat and blitz from about 6.30pm.

Stephen’s email address is stephen.moss@theguardian.com.

I hope we’ll be able to run talks of this nature at our new venue (wherever that might be) in the new year, government guidelines and lockdowns permitting.

Meanwhile, I hope some of you will be interested in Mike’s talk on Monday.

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