Match Results Update 25-05-22

Our last Surrey match of the season, an Ellery Williams (rapidplay) fixture at home to a strong Wimbledon team, resulted in an excellent 3-1 victory.

  1. Otto Weidner (-) 1:0 Mike Williams (1788s)
  2. Mike Robinson-Chui (-) 0:1 Gordon Rennie (1728s)
  3. Kabir Jeirath (-) 1:0 Pavel Slonczuk (1668s)
  4. Amrit Jeirath (-) 1:0 Martin Lake (1465s)

It was great to be able to give Amrit and Kabir a game before their return to India, and they both won their games against experienced opposition. We hope to see them back again at some point in the future.

Our last Thames Valley match saw our C team entertain Surbiton C. A close match resulted in a draw: a big improvement on our heavy defeat against the same opponents a few weeks ago.

  1. Otto Weidner (-) 0:1 David Cole (1653)
  2. Christos Venetis (-) 1:0 Robin Browne (1728)
  3. George Milligan (-) ½:½ Alexey Markov (1600)
  4. Mike Robinson-Chui (-) 0:1 Oleksiy Podolyan (1578)
  5. Levente Lencses (1525) 1:0 David Morant (1450)
  6. Lewis Low (1435) ½:½ Paul McCauley (1403)

Congratulations to the winners in both matches and thanks to all for their support throughout the season.

A summary of the season will appear here at some point over the next couple of weeks.