Chess Puzzle of the Week (193): Solution

Last week I asked you to solve this mate in 2 composed by Richmond problemist James Money-Kyrle (the hyphen is optional) Lupton, published in The Tablet on Saturday 7 April 1923.

The key is 1. Qb8!, which demonstrates the ever popular Star Flight theme. Black has four king moves, making a star shape, each of which allow a different mate. So we have 1… Kc4 2. Qb3#, 1… Kxe4 2. Qe5#, 1… Kxc6 2. Qb7#, and 1… Ke6 2. Qd6#.

Congratulations to everyone who solved this correctly. You’ll find the rather strange story of the composer, along with some further problems, here.