Chess Puzzle of the Week (225): Solution

On Monday I left you with this position (Black to play) which GM Danny Gormally had posted on Twitter. It appears to be a possible variation from game Murphy – Gormally from the recent Cambridge tournament.

Danny claimed the best move was a crazy computer choice, and as I don’t think anyone managed to find it, he was probably right.

In this extremely messy position the only move guaranteeing a Black advantage with best play is the highly improbable 1… Qg5!!, leaving Her Majesty en prise to two white pieces.

It transpires that, after 2. Nxg5, because White’s pieces are so loose, Black will end up with two minor pieces against a rook.

If you did manage to find this, you’re either a computer or a genius!

Here’s some computer generated analysis for you. Click on any move for a pop-up window.

And here, for the sake of completeness, is the Murphy – Gormally game.