Results Roundup 2223/31 17 May 2023

Unfortunately our friends at the Twickenham Club were unable to raise a team for their home match against Maidenhead B, so were forced to concede what would have been their last match of the season.

In our last match this season at the Adelaide, Hammersmith, with nothing at stake, fielded only two of their regular squad against our B team, along with four newer and lower rated players. We were therefore able to record a welcome victory in what has been a tough season in Division 1. Our B team players fought bravely against mostly much higher rated opponents all season and will be looking forward to calmer waters in Division 2 in the autumn.

  1. Julien Shepley (1943) 0:1 Bajrush Kelmendi (2088)
  2. Bertie Barlow (1899) ½:½ Christof Brixel (2050)
  3. Jon Eckert (1854) 1:0 Frank Valle (1606)
  4. Pablo Soriano (1775) 1:0 Anastasija Royce (1525)
  5. Andrii Boiechko (-) 1:0 JJ McNamara (-)
  6. Victor Bluett (1710) 1:0 Thomas Ewart (-)

Well done to all and thanks for playing.

It’s not quite the end of the season: we visit Hammersmith for the return fixture next Tuesday. Will they have their regular star players back in action? We’ll find out soon enough. There’s also a London League match against Mushrooms next Wednesday to conclude our match programme for the 2022-23 season.