Chess Puzzle of the Week (241): Solution

On Monday I set you this problem, composed by one of the greatest 19th century composers, William Anthony Shinkman.

White to play and mate in 3 moves (WA Shinkman Detroit Free Press 3 Jun 1882)

The answer is 1. Kh1!, when 1… h4 is met by Qh5!. Horizontal moves by the e8 rook and vertical moves by the a5 rook are likewise defeated by queen forks. 1. Nh3!? is a near miss: 1… Rg8! 2. Qd5!? Rxg2+ delays the mate for a move.

Shinkman published another version of this problem in the The Cincinnati Commercial on 20 May 1882:

This time White doesn’t have to provide for any potential checks, but instead has to move the rook into place.

So the solution is 1. Qf3! with the same play as in the first problem.

Which one do you prefer?