Chess Puzzle of the Week (251)

Eager to get some practice, ready for the new league season, Ted and Alice arrived at the Adelaide to find Bob, playing white, already engaged in a game against Carol.

“What happened to your h-pawns?” asked Ted. “You should find some spares in the box.” “And why have you both moved your f-pawns one square?”, Alice added. “Are you trying to play like Kramnik against Niemann?”

“No”, replied Bob. “We’ve already played five moves each. Look! The captured pawns are on the table over there.”

“You’re coming to the BBQ on Saturday, aren’t you?”, said Carol. “It should be a great evening. I think there are a few places left so you’d better book them quickly. We’ll show you the opening then.”

“Hold on a minute”, said Alice. “We’re both taking our kids to the new children’s chess club in Twickenham Library on Thursday, aren’t we.” “They’re really looking forward to it”, Bob answered. “We’ll show them as well: they could do with learning some good openings!”

Can you work out how Bob and Carol reached the diagrammed position after Black’s 5th move? If so, let me know. If not, I’ll show you at Saturday’s BBQ – and show your kids at Twickenham Library on Thursday.

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