Hounslow C v Richmond E 5-11-18

Our second Guy Fawkes match involved our E team making the short journey to Hounslow. Dan, Barry and Jim did well to draw with higher graded opponents.

The Hounslow top board appears to be something of a ringer. Although Division X has no formal eligibility rules it’s designed as a fairly friendly division for less strong players, although sometimes in the past clubs have agreed to play stronger players against each other on top board.

In fact Seshagiri had a grade of 165F last season and a FIDE rating of 2042, although his last internationally rated games were back in 2004. I assume he’s a new player just moved into the area, and perhaps Hounslow weren’t aware of his strength.

Hounslow C Richmond E
1 Seshagiri Vaddadi – 1:0 Omar Anbargi 107
2 Barry Fraser 113 ½:½ Dan Donohoe 104
3 John O’Toole 108 ½:½ Barry Sutton 97
4 Andrew Cleminson 87 ½:½ Jim Anandajeyarajah 85

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