Chess Puzzle of the Week (44)


Last week I left you with this helpmate in 2 (Pitkänen The Problemist Supplement 2019) which has three solutions.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the genre, this means that Black moves, White moves, Black moves and White plays a checkmate, so, unlike in normal chess, the notation runs 1. BMove WMove 2. BMove WMove.

The solutions:

1. Re7+ fxe7 2. Qh1 e8Q#
1. Qh8 f7 2. Rg8 f8N#
1. Kh8 Ra7 2. Rh8 Rxa8#


This week it’s Black’s move in Sethuraman-Iturrizaga (Dubai 2019), taken from Maxim Notkin’s tactics column in the latest New in Chess magazine.