Richmond A v Wimbledon A 20-02-20

Wimbledon A were not at full strength for our return encounter at the Roebuck, following our away draw earlier in the season.

Mike Healey reports:

A win!! And not by default!! Hurrah!

Well done to everyone who played. There were several notable games:

Gavin played an interesting competitive game on board one, as did Adrian on 7. I won on time, after my opponent went a bit wrong. Richard went for glory (!?) from a lovely position and is adjourned in what must be a draw.

Julien’s game was notable for one of the worst fingerfehlers in history – magnificent in its own way, and horribly spectacular to watch.

The stars were Raghu and Ian. Ian played a wonderful game and finished with a sacrificial flourish against a strong young opponent. Raghu played a very tense game with the mercurial Paul Barasi (I don’t think a piece had left the board 90 minutes in?), and under time pressure not only kept notating (causing his captain some grief) but found the crushing 30. Nxe6! to make time control.

Richmond A Wimbledon A
1 Gavin Wall 217 1:0 Nick Keene 183
2 Mike Healey 213 1:0 Ian Heppell 177
3 Julien Shepley 174 0:1 Neil Cannon 177
4 Richard James 167 Adj Adithya Pamod Paleri 176
5 Ian McLeod 160 1:0 Shivam Agrawal 167
6 Raghu Kamath 156 1:0 Paul Barasi 159
7 Adrian Waldock 146 ½:½ Angel Silva Pena 155
8 Walk Over 1:0 Default

An excellent result and a much needed point. Well played everyone, especially Ian and Raghu. Yes, my position is 0.00 according to Stockfish 11, looking 58 moves ahead. I’ve emailed a draw offer and am awaiting a reply. I’ll update the page accordingly in due course.