Richmond v Kingston 2 (Surrey League)

Our return match against Kingston 2 led to the same result as last time: a 4-2 win for our local rivals.

Huw Williams reports:

Masoud lost a tough game on board one, Paul had a good draw (was ahead) against Jon Eckert, nearly 30 point difference. Marcel was up against Stephen Moss, went up on an exchange but lost in the ending. Sometimes a draw offer is worth taking. Conor also got a good draw from an opponent who beat him last time out.

Andreas was the star of the night with an excellent win over Ed Mospan, whilst Rob was swindled on the bottom board.

Richmond Kingston 2
1 Masoud Molazadeh 120 0:1 John Bussmann 161
2 Paul Evans 124 ½:½ Jon Eckert 144
3 Marcel Holowienko – 0:1 Stephen Moss 135
4 Conor Murray-Playfair – ½:½ Ken Inwood 133
5 Andreas Maroulis – 1:0 Ed Mospan 113
6 Rob Hunter 109 0:1 Oliver Luen –

A decent result against a strong team, but, with a bit of luck it might have been better. I understand Rob blundered his game away. Paul could have played on instead of repeating moves against a strong and solid opponent, and would no doubt have done so had the match result been at stake: he was a pawn up and controlled the open file: more than enough for a win with best play according to my computer.

Congratulations to Andreas for his win and also to Paul and Conor for their draws.