Richmond A v Wimbledon A (21-10-21)

Our first TVA match since March 2020 was against a weakened Wimbledon A team. We were delighted to welcome new members Lahende and Maxim, both playing their first matches for Richmond. Unfortunately, Mike was unable to play due to illness but Andrew gallantly stood in at short notice.

Here’s what happened.

1. Gavin WALL (2284) 1:0 Nick KEENE (2073)

2. Lahende NDHLOVU (2200 FIDE) 1:0 Paul BARASI (1870)

3. Andrew HEBRON (2020) 0:1 Alex BOITIER (1705)

4. Maxim DUNN (1900) 1:0 Pawel SLONCZUK (1668)

5. Raghu KAMATH (1885) 1:0 Martin LAKE (1465)

6. Maks GAJOWNICZEK (1750) 1:0 Omar SELIM (1315)

From Mike Healey:

Well done team, especially Andrew for stepping in at the last minute and Gavin for captaining.

I would imagine tougher matches await us, but a win is a win!