Chess Puzzle of the Week (153): Solution

Last week’s puzzle was from the game Szpiro – Najdorf Lodz 1928.

Black won with 16… Nc5 17. Qc2 Bh3+! 18. Kxh3 Qxf3+ 19. Kh4 g5+! 20. Kxg5 Kh8 21. Rg1 Rg8+ 22. Kh4 Qf4+ and mate next move.

A pretty standard sacrificial attack of the type everyone should know. Sharpen up your attacking skills by solving puzzles of this nature!

This position was taken from a book I reviewed recently: Miguel Najdorf – ‘El Viejo’ Life, Games and Stories, by Zenon Franco Ocampos.