Chess Puzzle of the Week (210)

Thanks to Andrew Hebron for submitting this week’s puzzle – and apologies to Jack Thompson!

Andrew had the black pieces against Jack in a game from last Wednesday’s lichess blitz arena.

How did he continue in this position?

Wednesday’s tournament was very successful, even though some of our members were playing in a London League match, so we’ll be back again this week. If there’s enough interest we might run events with faster or slower time limits on other days as well.

Our lichess team is open to all past, present and future members, friends and opponents of Richmond & Twickenham Chess Club.

You can join our team here: what are you waiting for?

And if, like Andrew, you want to submit a puzzle question, or if you’ve played a game you’d like to submit for the blog (preferably with your annotations), do please get in touch.