Chess Puzzle of the Week (221): Solution

In the game Turapov – Serper (Uzbekistan Rapid Championship 1994) White missed the chance to play the beautiful 1. Re6! Rxe6 (1… fxe6 2. f6! g6 3. Qc7! and mates in a few moves) 2. fxe6 fxe6 3. Ra8+ Kf7 4. Ra7+ Kf6 5. Qf4+! (5. Qxg7+!? Kf5 6. Rf7+ Ke4 7. Qxh7+ Ke5 is still good enough but much less convincing) 5… Kg6 6. h4! and again mates shortly.

If you enjoyed that puzzle you’ll also enjoy the book I took it from: 300 Most Important Chess Exercises (Thomas Engqvist).