Results Roundup 2223/17: 8 February 2023

This week’s results came in all forms: a win, a draw and a loss.

On Monday 6 February our Fred Manning Trophy team visited Epsom B, coming home with a draw.

  1. Oliver Kuzmanoski (-) 0:1 David Heaton (1542)
  2. Anthony Hunter (1560) 0:1 Mike Robinson-Chui
  3. Haris Nisic (1441) 1:0 Ron Bilkhu (1404)
  4. Andrew Coppin (1120) 1:0 Julian Bedale (1117)

Great wins there from David and Mike, who is starting to get the results he deserves.

On Tuesday 7 February we entertained two Ealing teams at the Adelaide. Our B team faced Ealing A, while our C team took on Ealing D. Both matches turned out to be rather one-sided, although the games were all hard fought.

Ealing A, their team strengthened by the addition of two talented young Mongolian players, were much too strong for Richmond B, who, predictably, continue to struggle in the top flight.

  1. Jon Eckert (1854) 0:1 Batsukh Anand (2253)
  2. Bertie Barlow (1899) ½:½ Andrew Harly (2179)
  3. Andrii Boiechko (1771) 0:1 Itgelt Khuyagtsogt (-)
  4. Pablo Soriano (1775) 0:1 Jonathan White (1946)
  5. Simon Illsley (1786) 0:1 Simon Healeas (1878)
  6. Serhat Abay (1435) 0:1 Jason Obihara (1776)

An excellent draw from the reliably solid Bertie, but several of the other games were also very close.

Across a crowded room, Richmond C, strengthened by the addition of Adrian Waldock, making a very welcome return to the Richmond colours after too long an absence, scored an equally convincing victory over Ealing D to cement their position at the top of the table.

  1. Jack Thompson (-) 1:0 Subas Subbaraj (1489)
  2. Adrian Waldock (1705) 1:0 Paul Johnson (1464)
  3. Christos Venetis (-) ½:½ Andy Glass (1382)
  4. Josh Wolrich (-) 1:0 David Hasen (1250)
  5. Peter Kasprowicz (-) 1:0 Neville Rowden (1244)
  6. Mike Robinson-Chui (1435) 1:0 Jason Neish (1188)

It’s great to see our newer members doing so well. RJCC alumni Jack and Josh, along with Peter, are all valuable additions to the club. Well played everyone, and thanks to Julian, Sampson and Mike for captaining the teams.