Chess Puzzle of the Week (246): Solution

On Monday I left you with this position, with Black to play, from last week’s Kingston Invitational Tournament, inviting you to choose from Qa2+, Qb2+ and Qc2+.

Although Black is two pawns ahead, his king is in a lot of trouble, so he has to look for a perpetual check. Qb2+ would have been one way to draw (the other drawing moves are Qb5+ and Qe6+).

But after Qa2+ or, Black’s choice in the game, Qc2+, White can evade the checks and eventually deliver checkmate. Not so easy, though, if you don’t have a lot of time on the clock.

Here’s the complete game: click on any move for a pop-up window. I hope you enjoy playing it through as much as I did. Graeme Buckley can always be relied on for entertaining chess.