Chess Puzzle of the Week (186): Solution

Norwood – Gelfand
Arnhem 1987

David Norwood played 35. Qe7? here, which should have held, but he eventually lost.

There was a win with 35. Qd8+!! Rxd8 36. Rxd8+ Bf8 37. Rxf8+!! (37. g5 Kg7 38. Ne8+ is a draw) 37… Kg7 38. Re8! and Black has no satisfactory defence to the slow threat of 39. g5 and 40. Rg8#.

This puzzle was taken from Attacking Strategies for the Club Player by Michael Prusikin. My review of this book has just been published: you can read it here.

If you found the solution, congratulations! If not, read the book and improve your attacking skills!