Results Roundup 2223/16 3 February 2023

A busy week, with four matches to report. Good news, as well. One predictable defeat but no less than three important wins.

Our Surrey Centenary Trophy team were first in action on Monday, visiting Epsom 3.

  1. Chris Marshall (1791) ½:½ Maks Gajowniczek (1800)
  2. James Pooler (1725) ½:½ Simon Illsley (1786)
  3. Alex Ferrario (-) 0:1 Pablo Soriano (1790)
  4. Lucy Buckley (1547) 0:1 David Heaton (1542)
  5. Louis De Cicco (1512) ½:½ Peter Kasprowicz (-)
  6. Mervan Ozcan (1567) 0:1 Mike Robinson-Chui (1442)

A very solid performance with no defeats against our previously unbeaten opponents. Well played everyone: great wins from Pablo, David and Mike. Here we are, sitting proudly on top of the table, with a two point lead over our nearest rivals.

On Tuesday our TVB team, in Division 1 this season, were, as expected, up against it: even though Surbiton A weren’t at full strength their top boards were still too strong for us.

  1. Jon Eckert (1854) 0:1 David Scott (2096)
  2. Andrii Boiechko (1815) 0:1 Altaf Chaudhry (2060)
  3. Pablo Soriano (1780) 0:1 Liam Bayly (1966)
  4. Simon Illsley (1791) Adj Angus James (1995)
  5. Sampson Low (1829) ½:½ Graham Alcock (1789)
  6. Victor Bluett (1711) ½:½ David Cole (1761)

Board 4 has been adjourned: I’ll provide an update when available.

Well done Sampson (captain and last minute sub) and Victor for sharing the points.

On Wednesday it was our London League team’s turn, with a match against Kings Head. Our once mighty opponents have been struggling to raise teams recently, and this was the case here, where they were unfortunately three players short, so we were able to score a comfortable victory, while Martin, Sampson and Maks weren’t required to play.

  1. David Okike (2242) ½:½ Callum Kilpatrick (2465)
  2. Conor O’Shaughnessy (2081) 0:1 Iain Gourlay (2353)
  3. Colin Mackenzie (2015) 1:0 David Maycock (2336)
  4. David Whitehead (1986) 0:1 Gavin Wall (2311)
  5. Alex Bourke (1889) 0:1 Caspar Bates (2133)
  6. Default 0:1 Walkover
  7. Default 0:1 Walkover
  8. Default 0:1 Walkover

Well played Iain, Gavin and Caspar. I guess it’s pretty good (by the standards of most clubs) to have an IM on Board 4.

Here’s the league table, showing us in second place behind perpetual champions Wood Green. However, the three teams below us have matches in hand and could pass us on goal difference.

Finally, on Thursday our TVC team made the rather tiresome journey to Harrow. In a topsy-turvy match they soon took a lead, 1½-½, before losing two games, but then, with Ron turning his position round, ran out winners in an exciting and unexpected conclusion.

  1. John Clenshaw (1728) 0:1 Simon Illsley (1791)
  2. Mary Helen Deans (1665) 1:0 George Milligan (1554)
  3. Patrick Sartain (1505) 1:0 David Heaton (1550)
  4. David Stott (1461) 0:1 Peter Kasprovicz (-)
  5. Jennifer Goldsmith (1397) ½:½ Mike Robinson-Chui (1434)
  6. Phil Humphry (1405) 0:1 Ron Bilkhu (1340)

Excellent wins from Simon, Peter, and, especially, Ron. Great captaincy too from Mike, to get two teams out to relatively distant venues in the same week, and to come away with two vital wins.

Here’s the current league table. Again, we’re top of the division, but the teams below us have matches in hand.

Thanks to all who played in this week’s matches, especially Simon with three appearances, and best wishes for the rest of the season.